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Anonymous asked:Any advice for aspiring sugar babies




It’s not for everyone. I feel like we, as a generation, are easily impressionable. People just see people living lavishly, and just want to dive into that particular lifestyle without fully thinking of the effects or consequences that may come along. I don’t want to scare you (or any other newbie), but be prepared to juggle the stresses of having two lives. It can be extremely overwhelming having to keep such a big secret while maintaining your normal life. Your family and friends are always going to be naturally curious about your life and well-being, so just imagine all of the lies you’re going to have to tell them.

And then once you’ve been introduced to luxury and grow used to living the high life, imagine it all just taken away from you in a *snap* just because you made your sugar daddy upset (you didn’t answer his phone call, or you cancelled a date, or you didn’t want to do some creepy sexual fantasy of his, or he losing interest). Allowance gone. Rent money gone. Car payment gone. Weekly mani, pedi, and hair salon appointments gone (that’s personally the worst for me, because you start looking terrible, and everyone just knows you’re going through something awful by your untamed eyebrows and dusty weave). And you’re back to be being broke, and scraping up change for a dollar mcdouble at McDonald’s. You don’t want that to happen, so you’re going to spend a lot of time stressing yourself out about keeping your sugar daddy satisfied at all times (Unless you have the juice, and you just have like 5 sugar daddies lined up in case your current one acts up; which is very rare.)

Lastly, be prepared to make sacrifices. You’re going to lose interest in things all of your peers are into because you’re comfortable with an older, luxurious lifestyle. I’ve lost so many friends, and I’ve missed out on so many college parties / experiences because I feel too mature. I’ve even lost love; a boyfriend of mine I was with for almost five years. Now when I go out somewhere, I look past all of the men my age, and I’m checking out their dads. I’m not even 21 yet, but I can name all of my favorite wines. I have designated spa days, and like to go to mixers with business professionals in sundresses, and eat at rooftop restaurants in Buckhead, and watch the sunset while getting hot stone pedicures from my on-call nail technician. Honey, meanwhile, my friends still trying to get in the free lines at little 18+ clubs in Atlanta. Do you understand?

Just be prepared to never be the same.

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This was by far one of the best answers on what it’s like to date a rich SD.  I’ve heard the same response from my SB’s.  After having dated me, they can’t stand dating men their own age, and have an expanded view of the world that would have taken then years (perhaps decades) to develop. 

Lesson 2: The rich are students of education; the poor are students of entertainment

The self-made are entertained on how to better themselves; the poor are entertained by entertainment.    

(see the difference?)

The rich surround themselves with people who are smarter than they are on topics they are light on; the poor like to surround themselves with others like them or more ignorant than they are. 

(see the difference?)

The rich have a vast collection of books, magazines, and articles on finance, self-help, business, autobiographies, etc.; the poor have a vast collection of blockbuster movies, Cosmopolitan-like magazines, and other entertaining content. 


Go buy a self-help or autobiography book today. 

Lesson 1: Rich people start with “How”

The rich start their thinking with “How” when presented with a situation/challenge/opportunity.  

As a poor immigrant who became a self-made multi-millionaire in my 30’s, I continue to be amazed by the unlimited opportunities available to people of all class (poor, middle class, rich) and baffled by how most people squander the opportunities (usually by complaining about them) in the US.  

Here’s some examples on the thinking of the poor and rich:

Poor:  I wish I had a successful business like that

Rich: How can I acquire the knowledge to build a successful business like that


Poor: I wish I had a nice car like that 

Rich: How can I acquire a yacht like that in 3 years


Poor: I’m always broke.  I don’t have enough money. 

Rich: How can I residually accumulate more money than I spend, and reinvest the difference to make even more money 


Poor: That guy got lucky dating that super hot girl

Rich: How can I become the person that attracts a range of high caliber girls (smart, sexy, sophisticated, fun) that are the envy of lesser men

See the difference!?  

(what’s holding you back is “you” and no one else)

So if you’re whiner or complainer you absolutely deserve to be where you are at.  You deserve to be poor or middle class because you’ve earned yourself into it.  You don’t deserve wealth or the hot girl.  But, here’s some tips on how to change that immediately: 

1) Stop complaining. Avoid complainers. 

2) Start your thinking with “How” - use your time wisely to solve problems, don’t create problems by whining. 

3) Dress well (I added this in because how you dress can help inform your mood) 

4) Repeat steps 1 - 3


5’5” 112 lbs.

My god…perfection :-)


5’5” 112 lbs.

My god…perfection :-)

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I’m back :-)

I hope everyone is having a fantastic sugar experience!  As for me, I’ve been mostly juggling my new business venture and decorating my new home :-)  cheers!  More posts to follow. 

2nd Date w/Asian-French Vixen

We went on our 2nd date, I picked her up.  Her svelte body tone, absolutely stunning face, wit and intelligence made me want to see her again (I hoped the feeling was mutual).  I think it was.  

On this date, I could sense some nervousness, I was nervous too.  We dressed casually for the occasion-  she wore light brown boots, dark ankle length leggings and a loose jersey tee with a wide scoop neckline.  On occasion she’d expose her left or right shoulder as she was articulating a point or batting her dark brown eyes at me.  I paid attention, she was seducing me and I allowed it to happen.  

(1 beer + 4 shots later)

Now we’re talking about a 3rd date.  BTW, no discussion of an arrangement!  She explained to me that she’s not looking for an arrangement.  She’s actually looking for a potential partner, someone that she’d like to spend time with.  Oh…I think I’m liking her.  Can it be?  We shall see.  

Can’t stand when men try to pick me up on the street.


What do I look like, a hooker?

Funny, but not funny at the same time.  

A Snowy New Years Day

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I do occasionally do lines (of you know what).  Not often, but admittedly, I do them on occasion (a few times a year).  One of my best friends came over to my house and we decided to start the party ‘early’.  BTW, this friend is always ready to party.  There were about 10 people waiting for us at a club.  We both did a line, and the world was our oyster.  It’s game time.

(engine roaring)

I pulled my Ferrari out of the garage, hard-top down, and we were off to the club!  You could hear the roar of the engine scream, like a symphony of angry motor bikes revving their gears.  We ripped out of my parking lot, the motorized gates to my house barely opening fast enough for us to get out.  

We zipped thru traffic, music blaring (yes, I realize how annoying this is - but, fuck, we were having a great time!), and navigated our way to the valet.  The line to the club was packed, but we knew the owner of the club and had a reserved area seal off for us.  I tipped the valet $100, and he left my vehicle precisely where I dropped it off.  I didn’t want him or anyone else driving it.  We zoomed past the line and made our way into the club.

The night was magical.  Drinks, good friends, and hardly any drama.  We ended back out my house with + 5 more people.  So, about 15 in all (not including my friend and I).  We opened more champagne, turned on the outdoor heat lamps, and had an outdoor pool party.  A few more lines later, we were still partying.  haha.  It was a crazy night, so much fun.  The next day, we all felt like shit.  But, hey, it was New Years.  No one got hurt, and most importantly I spent it with some of my closest friends.  

Date with Asian-French Vixen

Ok - so, I took a break from sugar land for a bit, but now I’m back - sort of.  I went on a date.  I had coffee with a pint-sized, Asian hottie the other day.  Unfortunately when we met she recognized me from a magazine, which made for an awkward moment.  I was hoping to be incognito, and played it off like it was no big deal.  I smiled, we ordered coffee, and the date commenced.

I explained to her that I wasn’t looking for anything serious at the moment except for companionship/friendship, and I asked her what she was looking for.  ”I don’t know”, she replied.  Our eyes locked, we smiled, and nodded.  It was a wonderful silence.  I could tell, we were both searching for words to break the delicious silence but nothing came out.   “I guess I’m suppose to say something witty to break the silence,” I said. “I have nothing witty to say, but I do like your hand bag.”  We both laughed.  In that moment, it was as if the drain was unclogged and words were now flowing from each other’s mouth.

It was a nice date.  She was attractive, intelligent, and polite.  What also struck me was her very, very pretty face - perhaps even gorgeous face.  She had almond shaped eyes, dark hair, high cheek bones, and pouty lips.   She wasn’t full Asian, she was half French too.  She wore a form-fitting sweater that revealed the firmness in her form, but didn’t give away too many secrets.  She was sexy, and classy just the way I like’em.  

As the night progressed, I could tell she was looking for the next clue.  The clue on what we’re going to do next.  I told her I’d call her, that we’d go on a dinner date.  So, that’s how the night ended.  No expectations other than another date.  I walked her out, we hugged, and we went on our merry way.  We talked this morning and the next date is set.  

You know, this was the first in a very long time that I didn’t bring up any expectations of the possible arrangement.  I’m not sure why i didn’t this time.  I’m sure she was probably thinking about it, I guess I was hoping it wasn’t about that.  Perhaps, I’ve convinced myself that my charms were enough to carry the day, but inside I know that’s probably not entirely true.  In fact, I know it’s not true.  Until the next date, have a good night everyone and happy hunting :-)  It’s a jungle out there. 

Want to be RICH?  

Think its impossible?  It’s not.  I did it.  Watch this inspirational video from the founder of Maxim magazine, one of UK’s richest men.  

Like Felix, I grew up poor and now I’m a self-made multi-millionaire. You can do it too.  Believe in yourself and never, never give-up trying new things to overcome obstacles to success.