My Sugar Arrangement

My sugar arrangement: Here it is. 

Gifts & allowance: 

1. $3k/month for all living expenses (rent, etc.)

2.  $5k/month allowance 

3.  $50K in gifts over 6-months (i.e. purse, clothes, new car, etc.)

So, $8K/month (living expenses + allowance) + tens of thousands of dollars in gifts


1. Meet once a week

2. Intimate

3. Talk a few times a week

Sugar Baby (her):

1. Full-time college student

2. Part-time model

3. A very sweet girl

Sugar Daddy (me):

1. Self-made, multi-millionaire (next big goal: $1 billion)

2. Entrepreneur/investor/art collector

3. Mid-30’s, athletic, immigrant 

Relationship (us):

1. Mutual chemistry

2. Mutual respect

3. Genuinely enjoy each others company

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